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【Celebration ♪】 With message 7 boat boat or with dessert plate Banquet course 5500 yen ⇒ 4500 yen !!

【Celebration ♪】 With message 7 boat boat or with dessert plate Banquet course 5500 yen ⇒ 4500 yen !!

By using a coupon4500 yen

In case of tax / private room use, please reserve early.

  • 10items
  • 280persons
All-you-can-drink available

All-you-can-eat «Akita bar district» is fulfilling ★ All about drink menu menu is drunk!

Reservation deadline
Visit of hope the day before until 23:00

Surprise for the leading role! Namahage's message Desert plate or stinging plate & commemorative photo shoots will be handed over ♪ Akita's specialty dishes can not be overlooked ♪ You can not overlook the lineup ♪ I bought direct frying ingredients, used delicious ingredients, delicious flounder of Hatahata ★ Sashimi 3-point prime is a dish that boasts the umami of fresh fish! It is also content with further cuts dumpling pot Kubasa, Jun, Yokote yakisoba and dessert ♪

Course menu

◆ Caesar salad

◆ edamame

◆ 3 Akita specialty served (Ibari no Ikko, Kibasa (Akita special), Jun (Akita special))

◆ 7 points with message

◆ Akita Momo pork skewers

◆ Fried Assortment (Deep-fried chicken, Deep-fried chicken)

◆ tempura of seasonal vegetables

◆ Shotobun or Kiritanpo Nabe

◆ Yokote yakisoba

◆ Today's dessert ⇒ Can be changed with a message!

* Please acknowledge being subject to change in content depending on the purchase situation.

All-you-can-drink menu

Asahi Super Dry
- Potato shochu, barley shochu
- Cold sake, hot sake
- Red wine, white wine
· Square ball highball
· Cassis · Peach · Dita
· Lemon Sour · Grapefruit Sour · Yuzu Honey Sour · Orange Sourer Apple Sour · Calpis Sour · Sequier Sour Sour · Oolong High · Jasmine High
·plum wine
· Refreshing delicious plum wine
·Soft drink
· Orange juice · Grapefruit juice · Calpis · Calpis soda · Coke oolong tea · Jasmine tea
· You can change premium all you can drink at + 500 yen
· Currently under consideration

2018/06/06 update